Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Beast is back where it belongs.

After two months of having the beast in the dining room, today it finally made the slow journey back to its place in the laundry room. Sharp metal legs + uneven slate flooring = extreme caution when moving. Oh, and yes, those are peaches on the dining room table. Fresh off the tree Tuesday; hope they're ready for freezing by the weekend.


on the move

the beast is back where it belongs

The other side of the laundry room is finished up: a new laundry sink (so cheap; why did I not do this years ago?) and a not-planned-for new washer and dryer. 

Apparently there have been advances in w/d since 1991.
These are super quiet!

It's good to be getting some things back to normal. The finishing of the cabinet work is dragging on (about to make me lose my religion!), we're still waiting on an estimate from the painter (he came two weeks ago), and the dining room is plagued with boxes for the church yard sale and donation. Still, better today than yesterday!

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