Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fire (works) and Ice (cream)

After a fun Fourth on the beach, we cleaned up for dinner and ice cream before the fireworks.

Our tradition: homemade boiled custard ice cream

Ellie, as the oldest cousin, gets first taste.

Wigglers and gigglers.

Just us guys hanging out.

Ellie, Walker, and Jake. Our intellectuals.

Ashley's not sure about it and neither is Bo.

George and Sue, missing their little guy adding to the confusion.

Grillin' and chillin'
A little before nine we headed out to the beach. It was nearly dark; I was playing with camera settings and these look like daytime!

Accessories are necessary.

(even for the adults)

Grandma helps Emma get decked out.

Relaxed and ready.

Just a little apprehensive about the noise.

Bo rips and roars before the fireworks.

Emma loves fireworks and didn't want to leave when they were over. Bo was mesmerized! Ellie does NOT like the noise, as I discovered when she plastered herself to me for the entire show. Fine with me; I got lots of good snuggles and she got up her nerve to watch!

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