Sunday, July 27, 2014

22nd Junebug Jaunt

This year's beach trip found the Junebugs not even knowing who we were anymore! There were new adventures and new favorites, for sure. One thing never changes, though. We always forget that all we really need to pack are bathing suits, pajamas, and about two outfits!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Just a little celebration for my sweet daddy-in-law's birthday last night (his birthday's today) ... and so good to see the Niceville people, too. Sa cooked his favorite meal and now it might be my favorite. Yum.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Redneck Baby

Jay had a golf tournament this weekend so Kate and Bo came here; worked out great since there were showers for two friends here on Saturday. This little fella was so much fun; at 19 months, his personality is hilarious and he especially enjoyed being a redneck baby...bathing in the laundry tub, pushing a truck, eating watermelon with a friend, playing in the rain, and hanging out with E.W. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Beast is back where it belongs.

After two months of having the beast in the dining room, today it finally made the slow journey back to its place in the laundry room. Sharp metal legs + uneven slate flooring = extreme caution when moving. Oh, and yes, those are peaches on the dining room table. Fresh off the tree Tuesday; hope they're ready for freezing by the weekend.


on the move

the beast is back where it belongs

The other side of the laundry room is finished up: a new laundry sink (so cheap; why did I not do this years ago?) and a not-planned-for new washer and dryer. 

Apparently there have been advances in w/d since 1991.
These are super quiet!

It's good to be getting some things back to normal. The finishing of the cabinet work is dragging on (about to make me lose my religion!), we're still waiting on an estimate from the painter (he came two weeks ago), and the dining room is plagued with boxes for the church yard sale and donation. Still, better today than yesterday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Birthday Telegrams and a Letter

Yesterday I came across a box that my dad had tucked away in his garage closet; it was full of photos, letters, scrapbooks, and the documentation of all of his military honors. I'd not seen most of it and mama hadn't seen a good bit of it. We spent hours sifting through that box and what treasures it contained! So many pictures of him in high school and college that I didn't know existed! Even his baby book was in that box (he weighed 11 pounds at birth and seriously, why did my grandmother buy him pink crepe de chine baby shoes?).

I'll be documenting a lot of what we found in future posts because this blog, really, is about what is capturing my interest at any given moment (and so much of what we found is fascinating, if only to me). Since I found the box on my birthday, these telegrams and a letter are what interested me today.

They are all dated July 8th (I was born late at night on the 7th), many years ago! The backstory? My dad got orders for Germany not long before I was born. Mama was too pregnant to travel so she moved to Atlanta, living with her in-laws to wait for my arrival. I knew all of this, of course, but had no idea these papers existed. 

He promptly sent a telegram to my mama. I know I'm old but it's a little disconcerting to think that my parents communicated about my birth via telegram!

After sending the telegram, he did sit down to write an actual letter. He'd probably be unhappy about me sharing it but it is just too sweet (and truthfully, I'm doing this for myself as only about three people will see it here). 

Also, they had agreed on my name, but you might notice he had no idea how to spell it! Mama did admit that they'd not really discussed that detail (for the record, her spelling of it won out...after all, she did do the hard work AND was the one filling out the birth certificate!). 

It would be another two months before mama and I travelled to Germany. Can you imagine waiting two months to see your child for the first time (or having to wait that long to see your husband after having a baby)? A lot of military families don't have to imagine it; it is their reality even all these years later.


Most years mama and I make the short trip from her home up to Sara's Fresh Market for the best peaches anywhere.

The ones they picked this morning are about the most gorgeous ones I've ever seen. Mmm. 

Anyone want to guess how many baskets I bought?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fire (works) and Ice (cream)

After a fun Fourth on the beach, we cleaned up for dinner and ice cream before the fireworks.

Our tradition: homemade boiled custard ice cream

Ellie, as the oldest cousin, gets first taste.

Wigglers and gigglers.

Just us guys hanging out.

Ellie, Walker, and Jake. Our intellectuals.

Ashley's not sure about it and neither is Bo.

George and Sue, missing their little guy adding to the confusion.

Grillin' and chillin'
A little before nine we headed out to the beach. It was nearly dark; I was playing with camera settings and these look like daytime!

Accessories are necessary.

(even for the adults)

Grandma helps Emma get decked out.

Relaxed and ready.

Just a little apprehensive about the noise.

Bo rips and roars before the fireworks.

Emma loves fireworks and didn't want to leave when they were over. Bo was mesmerized! Ellie does NOT like the noise, as I discovered when she plastered herself to me for the entire show. Fine with me; I got lots of good snuggles and she got up her nerve to watch!

Happy Independence Day!

Ellie gets in the spirit.

Emma, too...

...and their daddy.

Ellie demonstrates her leap.

Cousins battle over the shovel. When Emma took off with it,
poor Bo was signing 'please' like crazy.

All the kids!

Jake and Ellie prep their entries in the baby race.

Mack ended up winning,
but Anderson was definitely handicapped by his brothers. 

Walker was way ahead of Emma in their race.
She doesn't seem to be bothered by that.

A sweet sister moment. These girls ran several races hand in hand.

See? Sweet spontaneous hug. 

Still holding hands.

Bo is still trying to figure out his confusing world.
Even when he doesn't have a clue, he has a good time.

Mack enjoys a sand encrusted goldfish cracker.

Part of the family.

Uncle George makes the scene.

Reapplying sunblock is important!

How about the eyelashes on this one?

Beach nap!

Ellie makes sure Emma stays hydrated.

A lot of folks, a lot of fun.
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