Friday, June 13, 2014

There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Lots of progress this week in the kitchen! 

Monday started off with a bang; the countertops arrived a little before 8:00 and the installers were finished and gone before 10:30! Making choices this important is scary but so far we are pleased with what we have. Again, not trendy, but practical, functional, and way updated from our 1990 kitchen.

The tile folks got here shortly after the countertop guys. Replacing the floors in our bathroom (which were in desperate shape) wasn't related to the work in the kitchen but was one of those might-as-well-while-we're-at-it things. It's never good when you hear the grout crunch (again, desperate). It was even more challenging than we anticipated; the subflooring next to the tub had to be replaced (desperate, remember?). My dream flooring it's not, but it IS sturdy and we are so happy about that! 

In the middle of all of this, the dishwasher was delivered. The range was not; it was damaged and had to be reordered. If something had to be damaged, I'm glad it wasn't the dishwasher. Don't want to hold up the plumber from his work! 

We had the lovely Jenn-Air downdraft, so a new exhaust system went in as well. Thankfully, the new ductwork needed to go straight up through a closet and there were no major obstacles (joists, etc.).

All of this on Monday! 

Since ductwork isn't photogenic and the bathroom floor is rather plain, no point in taking pictures of either. Today's stars were the Black Orion leathered granite on the perimeter and the London Grey Caesarstone on the island! They are practical versions of the soapstone and marble I covet and I'm happy with both choices (whew!).

a glimpse of Monday

On Tuesday, the ductwork for the new exhaust system was finished. Again, not photo-worthy but necessary. 

What else happened on Tuesday? Backsplash tile AND sealing of the slate floor! Now we can really see it coming together, a big difference from last Friday

backsplash waiting for grout, slated sealed and drying

Wednesday was all about the grout. Slate floor and backsplash in kitchen as well as the bathroom floor. Hard to tell a difference in a photograph!

This is when we started with the one step forward and two four steps back thing.

Not sure how I missed it and I'm really not sure how it was overlooked during sealing and grouting, but late Wednesday afternoon as the sealant was drying, I realized late that a tile had been installed upside down. The ridges were very noticeable when the tile was drying.

Seriously? No tile people noticed this?
(The tile was replaced Thursday, so one of the four steps back was checked off the list.)

Another step back: the sealant on the slate had been applied with a brush around the perimeter and a sprayer on the rest. By Thursday it was apparent that the two types of applicators yielded two different results.

Brush applied enough sealer; sprayer did not.

Application by shoe gave a better result than the sprayer!

Then, after really checking out the bathroom grout, it was obvious that we had a situation there, too.

Grouting right into the carpet? Really?

Lastly, I was wiping down the island countertop Thursday night and noticed a very deep scratch in the Caesarstone. Ugh.

Looks so brown here but at least
I managed to get a shot of the problem.

Friday was all about remedies. The grout-in-the-carpet problem was rectified and it only took a few minutes.

much better

Then I called my contact at the store where we bought the Caesarstone and explained the issue; she had never heard of this happening. Someone coming Monday to check it out: hope it's an easy fix.

As for the sealant on the slate, they finished a few hours ago and so far, it looks great. Hope I can say the same tomorrow!

Next week: Lighting, plumbing, trim, and appliances. After that, getting the painters here to deal with trim and wainscot and getting the cabinet guys out for touchups and tweaks.

Oh, and getting all of the kitchen stuff out of my living room, dining room, and front hall moved into the kitchen. 

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