Thursday, June 26, 2014

Before and Almost There

I'm not sure a home improvement project is ever really done so these aren't before and after shots of what's been going on in our kitchen...just some before and almost there photos. So far, it does seem like the changes are going to solve the problems we had before, thankfully.

This is how the window wall looked before we got started. Pleasant enough, but you can see how that island dominates! Notice, too, the lovely (ha) light fixture over the sink.

This is the same view. The island is longer and skinnier, we did get a counter depth refrigerator, and the lower cabinets on the right are 18" rather than 24". We love the new light over the sink and the fully tiled wall, too. An unexpected bonus is that we enjoy sitting together at the corner of the island. The new comfy bar stools help, too! 

The pantry wall before featured a deep pantry with shallow shelves (lots of wasted space) and a desk that didn't function well. 

Now we have much better use of that wall. On the far end of these cabinets, there is a can pantry. The microwave is hidden behind a recessed door (I'm sure we'll leave it open most of time, but it's nice to close it, too). The former desk is now 'the beverage center'. Those upper cabinets will hold coffee cups and supplies, all of the glassware, pitchers, etc. and I still have a couple of lower drawers for desk items and files.

The refrigerator wall is where the large opening for the 1990 microwave mocked us every day. The counter there wasn't usable, really, because that microwave cabinet extended over it.

Now there is extra cabinet space AND counter space for food prep. AND lighting! I've really used that space this week. 

The very wide island. I did love the expanse of space for projects but it really hampered traffic. As for the vinyl floor? It was way past its prime.

From this view, you can't really tell much difference. The new one actually has a little more surface area than the old one, but it's in length. Also, the placement is further away from the sink, which is working out nicely for traffic flow, too. You can see the unpainted wainscot in the background along with a glimpse of the wall color (Aviary by Valspar; it's a chameleon green/gray/blue).

The kitchen is functional now (hallelujah) but due to an issue with shelving, all those upper cabinets are empty (and yes, the dining room is still a disaster area). Hopefully, that will be resolved tomorrow.

We've also had a debacle with the ceiling fan over the island. I researched so carefully and it seemed like Casa Blanca made the best. The first one had a bad motor. The second one wobbled like crazy. Both went back and we bought a less expensive fan after doing no research. It will probably last forever!

The last big thing is getting the trim painted, which will be some time in July (painters are busy!), and finishing up some detail work on the cabinets. Look for a 360 tour when we get completely settled into our new space; there have been a few minor changes in the eating area, too.

For now, though, we are happy to be almost there!

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