Saturday, May 3, 2014


Last night we celebrated sweet Emma, who turns three tomorrow!

E.W. and Mia with the birthday girl.

Makin' a wish!

Ellie is an icing-only kind of girl.

E.W. stole some of Mack's sugar. 

Wearing her birthday well.

A big girl bike from mama and daddy!

Love it. 

Ellie made Emma a special card and was so excited to read
it to her (after being reminded that Emma couldn't read!).

Papa and Grandma 

Bike accessories from Papa and Grandma; she finally
took off her birthday crown from school for the helmet.

Dresses from Mia and E.W.

Ellie got the Fourth of July dress, too. Couldn't resist. 

Riding like a pro, except for just about plowing Freddie
down. Notice he's running for the hedges!

She's got it now!

It's always a good time when the Tift/Bowers are together!

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