Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mr. Paint Pig Strikes Again

My love of paint has been well documented; it's such an easy way to completely change and freshen a room or piece of furniture. I fully embrace my Mr. Paint Pig reputation.

Obviously, an updated kitchen needs an updated wall color. Valspar's Laura Ashley Deep Cowslip 4 has been cheering us up for about ten years but now I'm ready for a look that's cool and calming.

Since some trim is being replaced and the floors aren't in yet, it only made good sense to get a first coat done. I wanted a color that would be neutral, yet not beige. Aviary (where do they get these names?) by Valspar seems to be exactly that. It's not quite green, nor blue, nor gray. It definitely reads green on my computer monitor but in the room, it is exactly right. It's so right that I'm going to paint the laundry room. Again.

my happy place

calm aviary covers primed deep cowslip 4

the bigger picture

I am excited to see how it looks once the trim and new wainscot are painted a crisp white (not by me; I do NOT do oil-based with a smile)! 

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