Monday, May 5, 2014

Laundry and the Beast

The laundry room is the smallest room in the house, but it sure does have a lot in it. Before the old floor is removed, the washer/dryer/freezer will all have to be moved out. I'm guessing the length of time between that and the installation of the new floor might be short, maybe just overnight.  Last Wednesday I decided that painting the walls ahead of that seemed like a good idea. Also, I had paint left over from a day I thought I might paint the dining room!

I couldn't move the appliances out before painting, but did tackle the beast of shelving that holds all of my diy essentials! 

a small section of the beast

After the dust settled, the dap, paint, brushroller, and scaffold came out. 

Side notes: I never skimp on the brush; a good brush completely eliminates the need to tape before cutting in. Also, I didn't have any regular size roller brushes and after using the cabinet/door foam roller, I may never use the regular sized ones again. It was easy to handle, light, and the paint tray is a more convenient size.

toning down the yellow with a soft greige

Here's a bit of what the same corner looks like now. So fresh and clean (don't look at the baseboards and trim!).

UPDATE: 6/1/14 - repainted laundry room to match new kitchen color!

Valspar Milestone 

The beast is now in the dining room (I took a double dose of Aleve after moving it), where it shall remain until the new floor is done. It won't be lonely, though; everything from the kitchen cabinets will be there as well. Lovely.

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