Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's about to get messy in here.

Although it's not obvious in a photograph, a quarter of a century of wear and tear has our kitchen looking pretty sad. It's time to replace, repair, and update. On its way out: peeling-at-the-seams vinyl flooring, the chipped-and-poorly-repaired sink, sad laminate countertops, warped and cracking bead board wainscot, the Jenn-Air, and more.

The layout will stay essentially the same, but we do hope to solve some issues with how the kitchen functions:
  • Problem: People tend to gather around the too-wide-for-the-kitchen island, which is great for visiting but blocks the cook's access to the refrigerator, pantry, and serving area. I will miss the expanse of it, I know, but it only functions well when one person's in the kitchen (but that countertop may find another home; stay tuned!).
    • Solutions: Make the island narrower and longer, move bar stools to the end of the island, reconfigure pantry, keep cabinets on the pantry/desk wall to an 18" depth, explore buying a counter-depth refrigerator. Bonus: There will be room for extra storage at the working end of the island.
  • Problem: Who knew that microwaves would shrink? A 22"x19" space was barely big enough for our Amana Radar Range when we built. Now it's just a large gaping hole that projects over the counter.
    • Solution: Install an outlet in a standard cabinet so that could be used as a regular cabinet in the future. This cabinet will be on the pantry wall and will be 18" deep, plenty of room for an appliance we use to reheat coffee and leftovers. 
  • Problem: The kitchen desk is a huge waste of space.
    • Solution: Base cabinets that are standard height.
  • Problems: We ended up with too few upper cabinets that work for dishes and glassware.
    • Solutions: Use the area where the microwave 'hole' used to be for cabinet space; add upper cabinets where open shelving and pigeon holes were above the desk. 
One thing leads to another (where have I heard that before?), so of course, there are details...and you know that's where they say the devil is!

Stay tuned for befores, durings, and afters!

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