Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Rain, cold, and more rain - we had it this weekend. Bo was good with it after E.W. let him play in the puddles Friday afternoon. Pretty sure his mama and daddy hadn't let him do that before!

a new kind of fun

on the run

The guys were supposed to play golf Saturday, but more rain changed their plans. Worth and his crew came up late in the morning and it took Bo a very short time to figure out how to run wild with the cousins. 

Emma's baby getting ready for a snack.

See all of this confusion? It was fabulous!

Mack is above it all, really. He just
lets the madness go on around him.

Bo loved the stroller, but preferred
to stroll a football rather than a baby doll.

Bo tries to figure out this cousin thing. 

the ever-popular cash register

Ashley and Worth left before lunch to spend the day with her folks as they celebrated their 40th anniversary...

What do you mean this is E.W.'s chair?

first p&j
love at first bite

...but they came back in time to let the kids play some more, have baths, and go down for the night. Some (the boys) went down better than others (the girls). Emma was not impressed by threats that the Easter Bunny might not come if they weren't asleep and told her daddy that the Easter Bunny could just skip on by. Ha. 

E.W. and I spent a good long while sitting around the table with our kids after a flank steak and chile rellenos feast. The whole evening was so relaxing that I didn't even get the camera out!

Sunday morning, E.W. and I woke up with all of our children and grandchildren in the house. Nothing better!  The highlight of my morning was Emma's telling of the Easter story. The story of Jesus on the cross and his coming out of the tomb from that precious not-quite-three-year-old is something I will not forget, ever.

After church, we all loaded up for brunch with Sa and Gramps (and assorted relatives and friends!). I had the best spot, right between two sweet girls.

adorable, right?

so precious to me

too much sugar

Sa and the tiniest great-grandchild

Uncle Cousin George and Bo

a balcony inspection with E.W.

Bowers boys

The best weekends are spent with family. Now let me go so I can get ready for the BIG crowd that's rolling in Thursday for the Tift Green (we are so excited!).

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