Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Weekend, A Week, and Another Weekend

So, this was Friday, more than a week ago. Saturday, things got busy. So busy that there aren't even pictures of most of it!

Wait. Where are y'all going? A party? Without me?

Amazing engagement party for these two!
(photo stolen from Jen's fb!)

Sunday, E.W. went back home; I stayed to keep Bo Monday and Tuesday while Kate went to her new job.

Woo hoo!

Hold on, Mia. I've gotta take this call.


Happy fella. Always with a remote in his hand.
Tuesday I went to Mama's and we had a good couple of days. So thankful I can get there often enough to take her to the commissary and help her with other odds and ends (new telephones! yay!). E.W. came up on Wednesday so that he could go to the tournament Thursday with a friend and the friend's son. Our other two badges went to the casualty officer that has been such a help to mama; he had never been.

Friday's tournament group was the two of us plus Kate, Jay, and one of their friends. Don't know when the weather has been so cooperative! Worth came up Friday night to squeeze in a day at the tournament. He met Jay and friends early Saturday morning; Kate and Bo came later so I could drop her off and mama and I could have some Bo time. In the middle of that, my cousin, Donna, and her husband made the day trip from Rock Hill to take mama to lunch. We tease that Donna is my mama's first child. Mama was living with her sister and brother-in-law when Donna was born and had a big time dressing up and playing with a live doll baby!

Bo didn't want to stop playing to have his picture
taken while we waited for Donna and Greg.

Love this: mama watching her granddaughter and
oldest great-grandson.

Bo was lovin' the golf on tv...clapped along with the
gallery when a player made a good shot. Hilarious.

Notice the plastic spoon and ball on the floor.
His version of golf.

Post-tournament playtime with Uncle Worth.

After all of the coming and going, we're all back where we should be, safe and sound...and some are very happy that a Dawg won!

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