Monday, April 28, 2014

Tift Green 2014: House Party!

The annual Tift Green was this past weekend. We had a packed house and more fun than we deserved. The crazy started Thursday when the Virginia and St. Simons folks got here in time for the guys to get in a practice round. This was the first Tift Green for George, Jr. and Tim and they were ready! We stretched the house to capacity, embraced the togetherness, and made some memories.

George, Jr. and Tim / George, Sr. and E.W.

The Berrymans rolled in just before dark and as usual, the kitchen was the hub of activity. 

Wonder if it has anything to do with our eating habits?

Friday morning, these two boys got reacquainted (Kinnick missed Bo's arrival the night before; he was already sacked out). Bo hasn't ever really played with an older boy and he was quite taken with his cousin.

Second cousins!

While the big guys practiced on the course, the two littles worked on their game, too.

eyeing the ball

not too pleased with his drive

driving lessons

Do y'all see how far my ball went?
Think I should enter the long drive contest tonight?

If my game stinks,
I'll at least wow them with my style.

(so pretty when she's looking at her son!)

Hmm. Not sure what club I need for this.

strong finish

Friday night, we tailgated, and by tailgated, I mean ate fried chicken, deviled eggs, layered salad, etc. 

strategy session

We couldn't resist chunking the two boys in the tub together. Bo was a huge fan; he'd never had a tub buddy before!

Wait. You said I could play with Kinnick.

Better! These boys had fun!

Of course, Sue and I were crowded in taking pictures and had to have one of our girls, the cousins, bathing their babies. When I complimented them on their cooperation, Sarah informed me that she knew they'd better just turn around and pose the first time or we'd hound them and they'd end up having to do it anyway. Ha!

first cousins bathing second cousins

Worth was on heart call until seven on Saturday morning but he arrived in time for a snack before his tee time. 

In the kitchen. Again.

This one needed a nap before his tee time.

Double Trouble

Checking to see how the old men were doing.

E.W. chilling before his shot.

Not exactly in the fairway, but
he saves it.

The Gallery

Not all of our guys were thrilled with Saturday's round, but the festivities Saturday night gave us all some laughs. Most of them had an early tee time Sunday; even so, some did not abide by the Cinderella rule (and thanks, Jay, for the addition to family-speak).

These two woke up ready to play!

Dissecting their round.

Bo's about to wail;
they took his golf club away for a family photo op.

Love, love having these folks here.

Worth and E.W. talking golf (what else?).

Sunday afternoon Sa and Gramps came over and Ashley and the kids came for a while. So much family fun!

Emma's loving golf, too.

Kinnick, still styling, while the girls get ready for
a little practice.

Gramps and his clone.

Part of the group sets out to watch Georgie and Tim.

Daddy-Daughter time in the hammock.

Our oldest granddaughter is
gorgeous, right?

Auntie Kate and Baby Mack.
His daddy had that EXACT stare.

Sweet sisters.

We weren't born sisters but I'm so glad that we are
sisters now. I love her so much.
Also, this picture is proof of my existance
during the weekend!

These girls...still in the hammock. Precious.

Snack time! Bo looks a little confused
from his perch in the high chair!

I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed the new terrace. We knew that its proximity to the kitchen, breezeway, and parking would make it convenient but it functioned even better than we'd anticipated. Having it there made it so easy for people to be together. 

terrace people

Just as Worth and Ashley were leaving, someone realized we needed a picture of all of the kids together. Keeping it classy, they were all piled into the back of the car for the photo op. I'm sure there are better pictures of the group than this one of mine, but still. Aren't they adorable? Kudos to Ellie for hanging on to Mack (and to him for being agreeable); kudos to Emma, too, as she restrained Bo from climbing (or falling) out.

Sunday's last outdoor activity was a quick game of 'nekkid' golf. There was only one participant.

cropped to protect his privacy!

We wound down the weekend with family (and kebobs, salad, and potatoes) around the table. It was a relaxing end to a wonderful weekend. Monday morning, three left at 4:45, two left at 5:20, two more left at 7:30, and the last three left at 8:10. By 8:15, it was QUIET around here. 

Lessons learned:
  • There are never too many desserts.
  • 12-14 people in a house for four nights can generate a LOT of trash; a dumpster would be useful. 
  • Children think an inflatable mattress is better than a bounce house.
  • A $5 set of golf clubs from Wal-Mart is worth much more than $5.
  • "Stay in your own hair" will make us hysterical.
  • Sitting on the terrace late at night with friends in family is just about the best thing, ever.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Rain, cold, and more rain - we had it this weekend. Bo was good with it after E.W. let him play in the puddles Friday afternoon. Pretty sure his mama and daddy hadn't let him do that before!

a new kind of fun

on the run

The guys were supposed to play golf Saturday, but more rain changed their plans. Worth and his crew came up late in the morning and it took Bo a very short time to figure out how to run wild with the cousins. 

Emma's baby getting ready for a snack.

See all of this confusion? It was fabulous!

Mack is above it all, really. He just
lets the madness go on around him.

Bo loved the stroller, but preferred
to stroll a football rather than a baby doll.

Bo tries to figure out this cousin thing. 

the ever-popular cash register

Ashley and Worth left before lunch to spend the day with her folks as they celebrated their 40th anniversary...

What do you mean this is E.W.'s chair?

first p&j
love at first bite

...but they came back in time to let the kids play some more, have baths, and go down for the night. Some (the boys) went down better than others (the girls). Emma was not impressed by threats that the Easter Bunny might not come if they weren't asleep and told her daddy that the Easter Bunny could just skip on by. Ha. 

E.W. and I spent a good long while sitting around the table with our kids after a flank steak and chile rellenos feast. The whole evening was so relaxing that I didn't even get the camera out!

Sunday morning, E.W. and I woke up with all of our children and grandchildren in the house. Nothing better!  The highlight of my morning was Emma's telling of the Easter story. The story of Jesus on the cross and his coming out of the tomb from that precious not-quite-three-year-old is something I will not forget, ever.

After church, we all loaded up for brunch with Sa and Gramps (and assorted relatives and friends!). I had the best spot, right between two sweet girls.

adorable, right?

so precious to me

too much sugar

Sa and the tiniest great-grandchild

Uncle Cousin George and Bo

a balcony inspection with E.W.

Bowers boys

The best weekends are spent with family. Now let me go so I can get ready for the BIG crowd that's rolling in Thursday for the Tift Green (we are so excited!).
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