Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

The girls were with us this weekend; there was a lot of dressing up and walking babies and playing store...and more dressing up. As you can see, each has her own unique style! 

There was even a baptism. Ellie was definitely paying attention when Mack was baptized two weeks ago! 

While Emma and Ellie were with us, Ashley celebrated her birthday and five (maybe more?) trash bags of treasures were taken out of the playroom at their house. I have a feeling that Worth is really going to enforce the no-toy-with-more-than-five-pieces rule from now on!

When Ashley and Worth came to get the girls, E.W. got some Mack sugar. We decided Mack must have been quite confused/bored by the quiet this weekend with his sisters gone! 

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