Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mack's Baptism

Mack was baptized Sunday, following in the footsteps of his sisters Ellie and Emma as well as his cousin Bo.  He was very calm and collected, grinning his way through the church service until time for his big moment. He and Bo left the sanctuary after the baptism; the girls stayed and were amazingly good. Later when I was complimenting Emma on how good she was, she gave me a conspiratorial look and whispered, "I was quiet."  Precious.

Mack's fans took up the entire pew.

Patiently waiting.

Making sure his mama and sisters are in place.

Sweet Mack is baptized. Ellie and Emma are taking it all in.

No one in our family would consider a gathering to be complete without a feast. 

The men (minus Jay, who was in Alabama).

Bo makes a friend. Freddie tolerates anything!

My two babies. So proud of them.
These days, our times together involve a good bit of giggling, squealing, running, and general merriment, thanks to the five and under set. They are great entertainment.

Sweet Emma shares Cinderella with Mack. He's a fan.

Emma gives Bo a guitar lesson.


Wait. I thought today was about ME!

Bowers Men: Four Generations

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