Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Long and Winding Road: The Jug

I come from a long line of people who do enjoy a costume. This 1960 photo shows my parents dressed up for a party at the Fort Clayton Officers' Club, Panama, Canal Zone. Daddy was partial to dressing up as, well, I don't know what. It usually involved fake or blacked out teeth, crazy attire, and a goofy look.  For this party, mama dressed as one of Li'l Abner's girls, apparently, since she's got some kickapoo joy juice

The thing to note here (once you get past how silly my daddy looks) is that jug. My parents won it (full of wine at that point!) at an Oktoberfest dance contest when living in Germany in the early fifties. Everywhere we moved, that jug was always somewhere in the house.  

Eventually the wicker was destroyed but the plain green jug still hung around. About fifteen years ago it came to my house, where it did some more hanging around. 

Then Kate and I started noticing that lamps made from glass jugs are everywhere, like HEREHERE, HERE, and if you need more, HERE. For the frugal, there are tutorials on how to make them; HEREHERE, and HERE are just a few. 

So now the jug is in Kate's home. After about sixty years in the family, it's moved into its next adventure!

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