Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Play, Shop, Celebrate

I got to spend the morning with these three; they are out of "school" for Christmas break. Ellie is full of imagination and excitement these days. She takes her role of big sister very seriously and spent some time showing Mack the photo book of family members I made for him and telling him stories about his family. She told him about the day he was born and how she and Emma met him at the hospital. She also shared happenings with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin Bo (and lots more!). Emma's vocabulary is expanding so much and it's great fun to finally have conversations with her. She is still such a cuddlebug and is just loving life (and Minnie Mouse). Mack was happy the entire time, although I did have to convince him that the bottle was as good as it was going to get as far as a snack was concerned! He has a ready smile and is fascinated by the whirlwind (read sisters) around him. 

When I left their house, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some Rub 'n Buff for a future project and fell down the 80% off Christmas hole. I didn't buy a lot, just some things to use for gift wrap next year. Still, I spent a lot of time looking!

Now we're getting ready for our usual low-key Bowers/Collins/Willis New Year's Eve. It's been a good end to 2013.  

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