Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

There was So Much Confusion but grandchildren confusion is pretty wonderful. Here's the complete lineup: Mama has been here since Monday. Worth, Ashley, and their three arrived around eleven. It wasn't long before Sa and Gramps got here, followed by Kate, Jay, and Bo. The day was precious but definitely bittersweet; daddy would have loved seeing all of his great-grandchildren.

E.W. and Mack

Grannie (since Grandmama Cavaleri is entirely too much for the girls
to say) with her youngest great-grandson and only grandson.

These girls own us.

Helping with dinner by smashing topping for the broccoli casserole.

Gramps and Sa admire the newest Bowers.

Bo gets a sweet hello from Cousin Emma.
Sweet, right?

Wait, mama. I thought I was your baby.
Why are you holding Cousin Mack and not me?

Mama and Gramps

Ellie gives Bo and Emma a lesson on the stacking Santas.

Worth and Jay

The girls are fascinated by Bo's new tricycle.

Bo looks concerned.

Cousin action.

Last year it was Bo, now it's Mack's turn to wear the hat and amuse us.

Emma helps Bo open a gift.

The Head Elf

Emma's going to be a much better elf when she learns to read. She
was enthusiastic about handing out gifts but didn't quite have the concept
that they go to a specific person. It was  just a big chaotic (and hilarious).

Emma takes a turn with the hat, or at least tries.

Then she tries it out on Bo. He's not having it.

Sweet cousins!

Christmas night, after bathtime, we couldn't resist just one more try with the hat. Then we pushed our luck with the sleigh and how about the fact that Kate actually got this shot? So funny.

Bo, the hat, and the sleigh.

Before mama went to bed, I told her the day was just about perfect, referring to something the chaplain said at daddy's service. It was a good moment. I'm grateful for that and for everything else about this day full of love, laughter, and blessings beyond measure.

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