Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bo's First Birthday!

A year ago, THIS was the scene as we arrived to welcome our grandson. Last Sunday, we celebrated his first birthday! The house was full of family and friends, but you know where I had the camera focused!

What's a birthday without a cake?

E.W. chalked the sign for the front porch.

Wait. A party? For me?

Bo checks out the banner on his chair...

...and approves.

Mama pulled it all together.

Bo doesn't quite understand what mama and daddy are telling him.


What now?

A tentative start.

Still unsure.

A quick learner.

Once he got started, Bo did not move away from the gnawing-on-the-cake position for the longest. He didn't even get any on his shirt because he was leaned into that cake (and hugging it at one point). There will be video evidence!

After demolishing one side with his face in the cake,
he decided to try another method. 

Please note how much is missing from the side he attacked first.

Woo hoo! Birthdays are awesome!  

Oh, did y'all want some?
If you DO want to see some pictures that actually show some of the others there, HERE you go.

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