Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday with Great-Grands

I'm spending a few days with my folks; daddy and I spent the morning taking care of some investment business and this afternoon sweet Kate brought Bo for a visit. He was so good, despite all of the new and interesting things to get into.

Update: The day after this visit, daddy began to feel worse. By Sunday, he was in great pain and Monday afternoon we were able, finally, to move him to skilled nursing where he could have morphine. I left Wednesday after the sweetest visit with him, just the two of us. We said everything we ever needed to say and for that I am thankful. Thursday was Emmett's birthday and around eleven o'clock that night, I got the call that daddy had passed away and I headed back to be with mama. I am grateful that however sad we are, we are confident that he is with Jesus, as he longed to be. 

not ready to let go of mama just yet

warming up

minor miracle: sitting still for a quick minute
and it's not even with his mama :)

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