Saturday, October 5, 2013

Terrace Progress

We are already enjoying the terrace SO much and are making progress in baby steps. Wednesday I primed, painted, and hung shutters by the door from the carport to the terrace. Thursday morning before work we moved the Meadowcraft from the lower patio to the terrace. Scrubbing it down and replacing the glides made this twenty-year-old furniture look pretty good (although E.W. is not a fan)! This morning we made trips to the concrete store and the nursery. Baby steps, but moving in the right direction (and in plenty of time to watch the Dawgs at 3:30).
Any suggestions about what to put over the doorway?

The original patio has concrete planters and benches, so we added another bench and two planters to the terrace. The two spaces are about fifteen feet apart and will (eventually) be connected by a walkway, so they need to have common elements (or unifying factor as one of my English major roommates used to say). Still not sure what we'll do about outdoor furniture. It's hard to find something that blends with what we already have, is comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Should we buy new furniture and
move the old back to the patio?

For reference, here's a photo of the back of the house (please ignore the hose in the yard, the fact that some windows have screens and some don't, and that I filled in some low spots with the sand left over from construction!). The new terrace is on the left; the original patio is on the right.

The beginnings of the landscaping...

Indian Hawthorns planted around the terrace foundation
just need some pine straw and time to grow.

Established Natchez crape myrtle on the left side of
the terrace (original patio can be seen here).

Baby Natchez crape myrtle planted
on the right side of the terrace today. 

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