Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slumber Party

We were sad for the reason Worth, Ashley, and Mack had to go to Monroe, but happy to keep the girls for them while they were gone. Within the first three hours we'd played dress-up, had a mani-pedi session, snacked, taken care of our babies, blown bubbles, looked for golf balls, played with the cash register, worked on some coloring....well, we were busy.

Ellie is in love with one of my mama's old
formal dresses; we cut the front and left a 'train'.
 She fashioned a veil from sparkly yard goods.
Fashionista, clearly.

There are scads of family photos in our home.
Emma spent a lot of time telling me
who was in each and every one.

A quick ride in the stroller for her baby.

Trying on her daddy's baby shoes.

I'm not sure but I think this was a Sleeping Beauty pose.

My mama made this for me when I was a
flower girl (a very long time ago!).

It twirls pretty good.

Emma spent a lot of time blowing bubbles.

They both enjoyed crawling on E.W.

Emma has her own style...a hat Aunt Sue sent to Worth
from Germany about thirty years ago...and a maraca
(video clip below is not to be missed).

Bath time and off to bed!

Early this morning; looks like a couple of old ladies.
The girls found bathrobes left over from my childhood!

Dress-up before sun-up.

After nap and rest time, E.W. finds treats
(for the girls AND himself).

Don't think Emma's going to win this race.

Miss Scarlet looks very afraid...

...but she's trying to tolerate Emma!

Ellie has better luck.

Tree climber

Yard giggler

Late afternoon and out come the Waffle Blocks.
Worth wasn't sure which was more impressive
...that I still had his Waffle Blocks or
the fact that they were still in the original box!

Five seconds of Emma and her maraca dance:

Returning from a trip to the bedroom to admire themselves in the full-length mirror:

Emma shows off her hop; Ellie wanders through and strikes a pose:

We could not ask for granddaughters more precious than these two!


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