Sunday, September 8, 2013

Game Day

After being at mama and daddy's all week, I headed to the Classic City to meet E.W. at Kate and Jay's. UGA vs SC was the first home game and a big one, especially after last Saturday! It was Bo's first tailgate and he was a champ (and I just realized he was in every single picture I took; center of attention much?).

Both Jay and E.W. have banners for their tents this year, courtesy of Worth last Christmas!

Jay's banner 

E.W.'s banner, 'cause everything is a festival
Bo looks a little concerned that maybe
the grandmothers don't know what they're doing.

Jay and Kate explain how to cheer for the Dawgs

"Are they nuts or what?"

Meanwhile, back at home, 17 day old Mack
is worried about how the Dawgs will play.

family time

happy boy

dining al fresco
When it was game time, Patsy took Bo home for a nap and the rest of us headed for the stadium. It was a great game, especially because:

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