Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walk This Way

Every time it rains, the walkway leading to our side door turns into a pond. This is the way everyone enters our home, so you can see it's a problem. Adding stepping stones didn't help; the water rose above them. Even without rain, it just wasn't functional.

the pond

We (finally) said enough is enough and contracted for a walkway that would both function well and look nice (anything would be better than asphalt!). This is how it looked during construction...

brick edging

sand (Scarlett's favorite part)

...and this is how it looks now.  Finally, as Worth said, people won't need their waders to get in the house when it's raining! I'm looking forward to working on the landscaping; already have the plans, just need to get 'er done.

ready for landscaping!
Of course, we couldn't stop with just a walkway; see what else we did!

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