Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Latest Adventure

Before getting down to serious business (waiting for the Caboose to arrive), I managed to sneak in a weekend visit to my parents and a trip to Athens. Kate and I worked on 'project completion' and Jay was sweet enough to just ignore us! We got a lot done with paint, stain, wax, power tools, stitch witchery, various bits of hardware, and trips to Hancock's and TJ Maxx. Moving furniture was involved (as well as the Bachelorette finale). Bo was not a huge help (although he's a great shopper) but made up for it in cute quotient. We were so busy that I only took a handful of pictures, definitely not normal for me.

sweetest boy, ever

The reason for the timing of this trip was because Bryna was going to be in Georgia and we could have our annual get-together. She didn't make it last year, so we were super excited to see her. We decided that next summer we are going to see her in California...hope we manage to get that organized!

Bryna and E.D. catching up

Beth and Eve get the drinks

There's a story here, but we're not telling!
Hard to believe we've known each other for more than forty years. So glad that after the crazy years of raising families and growing up ourselves we are spending time renewing our friendships. Some things just don't change, like how much we like to be together and laugh!

Oh, and this is what we looked like back then...

from the 1971 ADPi composite 

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