Friday, August 23, 2013

A Few Favorites

These are few of my favorites from August 21st and 22nd (some are mine, some are Kate's, and a few were liberated from Worth and Ashley's camera).

Mack is about thirty minutes old here:

Sweet mama. Sweet baby.

E.W. is the first grandparent to meet Mack.

Between thinking about Ashley being in labor and then getting word that Mack had been born, Serita and I didn't sleep much. We still managed to get the girls up and ready to meet their baby brother before school. Didn't take them long to become enchanted. 

first kisses

Ellie's face says it all.

"He has eyes, just like the rest of us!"

Serita showing Emma how to "pet" Mack.

Looking an awful lot like his daddy did.

So tickled!

We took the girls on to school and Serita went home to work for a bit before coming back with Chappie. While we were gone, Ashley took this picture; isn't it great? Probably our favorite (so far) of our son and his son.

Proud daddy

In the meantime, Auntie Kate arrived. We took Ellie to her church activity and headed, Emma in tow, to Target to buy some boy stuff! Kate and I didn't want Mack to have to wear pink and purple. :) We also got some art supplies for a welcome home poster! From there it was back to the church to pick Ellie up and head to the hospital to see Mack.

Party of Five

Auntie Kate is smitten. Ellie is, too.

Emma isn't too sure about what is going on,
 but since we are all excited, she is, too.

Mack isn't too sure about this whole
outside-the-womb thing.

covered up in sisters 


The next morning, it was time for Ashley and Mack to head home.

a bit unhappy

headed home in The Blanket

room is ready, complete with
welcome poster from his sisters

Happy, happy (well, except for Mack).

These toes deserve their own close-up.

a proud Mia

All in all, an amazing couple of days with a lot of sweet memories. For more see Kate's version of events and, of course, Mack's family blog here, here, and here.

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