Saturday, May 4, 2013


Sweet Emma turned two today!  

I'm pretty sure she had no idea what all of the activity and attention was about, but that did not stop her from jumping (literally) right in! 

a little bouncy house warmup before the guests arrive

bouncy house professional

Mean ol' daddy wouldn't let Emma put her feet in the pool.
E.W. had to make it all better.

Papa and E.W.
Two granddaddies at your command are better than one.

birthday brunch

Ellie was precious. She HAD to sit by Emma.

sister love

After bouncing, riding, running, playing, and brunching, it was time for the main event of any birthday party: cake! 

Emma has no idea what is going on...

...however, she's a quick learner!


...I like being two!
For more on the Big Day, go HERE.

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