Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pump it up!

Our pump organ was a wedding gift to my maternal grandmother from her father.  When Ellie and Emma were here last month for the Tift Green weekend, they became the fifth generation to pull the stops and bang the keys on it (although to be honest the first two generations, my grandmother and a couple of aunts, had actual skills!). 

Next time I'll pull the piano bench over; the stools were NOT designed for perching on the edge...whoops (and sorry, Auntie Kate)!

Ellie and Emma
Fifth Generation Organists :)

Flashback about thirty years and you find their daddy and Auntie Kate pulling stops and banging on keys!

Worth and Kate
Fourth Generation Organists :)

Won't it be fun to see the next generation have at it in about thirty years?

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