Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Play ball!

E.W. and I drove down to watch Ellie's tee ball game today. She's not much on defense, preferring to let the others tackle each other for the ball. However, her offensive skills are stellar; she can hit the ball and runs fast with those long legs!

her defensive stance

her biggest fan

up to bat - E.W. sneaks in some coaching

a little stretch at second base

running to third

waiting for the go-ahead to home plate

two girls on the team = best friends on game day 

the highlight of any tee ball game - SNACKS!

capri suns and gummi candy!

the star and her family head home after
a successful day at the ball park

If you need a visual, here's a few seconds of team defense. Ellie does have her eye on the batter. She just has no intention of fielding the ball!

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  1. James was so disappointed that his game was rained out last weekend - because he wouldn't get the snack. Silly boy!


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