Thursday, May 2, 2013

Me Two

A couple of weeks ago I kept the girls while Ashley was at a doctor's appointment. Knowing that Emma would soon be celebrating her second birthday, I figured it wouldn't hurt for her to practice telling everyone she was two. Somewhere I read that it was hard for little ones to hold up two fingers on one hand, so we practiced holding up the index finger on each hand. She caught on right away and was proud to show her new trick off and saying TWO when asked, "How old are you?"

Meanwhile, Worth and Ashley had started quizzing her about who each person was at the dinner table. Her responses? Mama, Daddy, Sissy, ME. During the Tift Green weekend, she was asked both questions so much that she started answering them both ME TWO and holding up two fingers. Of course, that meant we asked her again and again. It does not take much to amuse us.

Saturday, she will be ME TWO officially! Can't wait to celebrate the day she was born!

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