Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday with Emma

This morning Emma and I spent some time together while her mama was at work and her sister was at preschool. We were VERY busy. Love that sweetie and her quick smile.

Emma selects a book. Freddie is unimpressed.

Her favorite was one of Ellie's, a gift from my mama
and daddy in 2009 (lots of textures in this one).

That smile! 

Besides reading, we managed to do a lot more (I was just too busy playing to take pictures!):
  • putting coat on and buttoning it
  • unbuttoning coat and taking it off
  • admiring boots
  • playing monkey see, monkey do
  • back rubs
  • dancing to Motown tunes
  • working a puzzle
  • trying out daddy's new chair
  • riding a pony
  • face timing with Bo, Kate, and Jay

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