Friday, March 8, 2013

Alaskan Tundra and Myrtle Beach Sand

I bought a few samples of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint and wanted to try them on some small projects. The living room is so dark and has so much wood; I thought Alaskan Tundra Green on the demilune table would brighten up things just a bit. The piano bench has been black forever (again, dark!) so I dry brushed Myrtle Beach Sand on the top. It's functioning as a side table (with storage!) in my dining room reading nook (a work in progress). 

There are differences between these paints and Annie Sloan. These seemed chalkier/dryer, which meant they did not go on quite as smoothly but dried super fast. The chalkier feel wasn't a problem for me, as I really enjoy the waxing process. Good thing, since CeCe Caldwell is available locally and Annie Sloan is not. :)  HERE is a great review of this chalk/clay paint.

Haven't taken a photo of the surfaces after waxing, but those streaks are gone and in their place a great feeling finish. Now on to the next project... 

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