Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas: A Day Early

Every year we tell Worth and Kate to figure out when we are all getting together for Christmas and then let us know. This year, it worked out best to make a day of it on Christmas Eve. We kicked off with Ellie and Emma meeting their cousin (Baby Bo); Worth and Ashley were pretty excited to meet their nephew, too! Sa and Gramps made the trip over and I'm pretty sure Bo made a good impression on them as well.  

Before we sat down to brunch, Worth read the story of Jesus' birth from Luke and Ellie said the blessing. We spent the afternoon exchanging gifts and laughter. Ellie was a most enthusiastic elf and Bo cooperated by hanging out and then snoozing. Emma was content to share hugs and smiles; don't think she's quite figured out the gift thing! All of that was followed by the traditional (at least for our family!) Christmas Eve dinner of ribs and a multitude of sides. We did forego one tradition, candlelight service at church followed by a gathering with friends. That venture would have been a bit ambitious with a two-weeks-old-on-Christmas-Day Bo. 

Now it's almost midnight. Worth and Ashley are home with Ellie and Emma tucked in tight, ready for Santa in the morning. Everyone here's asleep and I'm up with Bo for a bit. Jay, Kate, and Bo are leaving in the morning for Christmas with Jay's family, so I'm stealing all the time with him I can! It's also a pretty good time to reflect on the blessings of our day spent with children and grandchildren.  

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  1. Love it! Merry Christmas! I hope we can catch up while we're in Tifton!!


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