Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shower for Bo

I am beyond thankful for these sweet girls who love our Kate and for everyone who showered her with such generous gifts for Bo! The picture in the center with her laughing made me so happy. The "If you think I'm cute, you should see my dad" bib is perfect; if you've seen THIS, you'll know why. 

I'm proud of Kate for handling the afternoon with perfect grace and certainly much better than I did. When I accepted that I had run out of time to get to the shower, I was still in the process of getting daddy home from the hospital with the medications he needed. The Ugly Cry came into play, right in the aisle at CVS.  Oh, well, at least I was out of town and didn't know anyone!

Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I left home for a short visit with Kate and Jay; the grandmothers had been invited to the 3D ultrasound session. About thirty minutes after arriving at their home, mama called and said that daddy was in the hospital. His fourteen days looked like this and we were all along for the ride: cardiac arrest * CPR * defibrillator * emergency room * ICU * suspected neurological damage * emerging awareness * a wink! * heart cath * moved to MCG * stents  * v-tach * lidocaine * MRI * echocardiograms * implanted cardiac defibrillator * x-ray * pt evaluation * out of CCU * discharged * HOME! It's been a long two weeks for our family and it will take a good while for him to recover. Still.

We are so grateful to the doctor sitting next to daddy in the meeting when his heart stopped; he and the nurse who was also there saved his life. We're also indebted to the medical professionals at Doctors Hospital for his initial care and for recommending the additional procedures at MCG. The care and communication there was exceptional and made a rough time bearable.

Mama and I could not have handled this alone. Kate came with me the first night and was either with us or in constant contact the entire time; Jay came the second day (which was a very hard day) and was a great support to her as well as mama and me. Worth was able to come for a few days when things were so uncertain and was a huge help as we navigated the medical issues. Ashley was ready to come, too, but with daddy's improvement, Worth was able to return home. E.W. came and when we felt things were improving, went back home to keep us on track there. Daily chats with him kept me centered (thanks, sweet baboo). We know none of this was accidental, that it's all part of The Plan. Amazing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

These Girls

We are missing these girls; here are a few pics sent to us in the past few days by our sweet Ashley (and yes, Worth did send that last one!).

Ellie posing at the pumpkin sale last Wednesday.

Emma, pensive as she contemplates the
weirdness of so many pumpkins in one place.

Waiting for her dinner to finish cooking.

Field trip to the fire station!

Blowing kisses to us all the way from her house.
Crushingly adorable.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sneak Peek

Our sneak peek of Bo, courtesy of 3D ultrasound, was definitely one of the high spots of a roller coaster week.  Unless he changes his mind during the next couple of months, I'd say he's decided to look like his daddy! 

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