Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girls on a Sunday

Worth and Ashley got home from Boston last night and came to get the girls this morning.  E.W. and I were so happy to have them spend a few days with us; so much fun to be around these little sweeties.  We'll miss them (not sure that Putter and Scarlett feel the same!).  As you might imagine, it's pretty quiet around here now.

E.W. and the girls playing outside this morning.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls on a Saturday

This little girl is a snuggle bunny.

so serious

sister love

Off to feed the fish!

After lunch and nap, it was back outside to get wet and wild.  It does NOT take much to entertain our crew.


Ellie douses Emma, who loved it.   

She had SO much fun.

Today's Bucket Head (see yesterday's here)

taking a break from the action

Friday, April 27, 2012

Girls on a Friday (redneck edition)

When it's too hot to ride bikes or take a walk, it's time to break out the wading pool.  We're classy like that.

jumping straight up and down

bonus visit from Coach Summers

C is going to be an awesome sitter 

(or maybe she'll be a water tossing champ!)

Little Bit had to get in on the fun.

After sitting in the pool, her
 diaper weighed approximately as much as she does.

our little bucket head
Yes, there was a lot of squealing involved.  If you've ever been around little girls, you already knew this. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls on a Thursday

Hey, now.

Who doesn't love bubbles?

so happy

I have no idea.
Nothing better than a baby in the sink.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

We are home from a great weekend in the classic city.  Friday night Jay's folks came over for a late supper; we hadn't seen Jim and Patsy for some time and we had a lot of catching up to do! The next morning was lazy (except for Kate, who had to work - boo) and Jill came by to see us before heading up to the lake early that afternoon.

E.W. before the wedding,
enjoying his Moscow Mule
Saturday night we went to an amazing wedding. The daughter of my dear friend, Betsey, married in a magical outdoor setting.  E.W. and I felt like we were on a television show (poolside cocktail hour before the wedding?  genius!).  It was wonderful to spend time with friends and Betsey's family, ties that go back for decades. Truly a splendid night.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Is anything more tedious than painting trim?  
Three doorways and one window down and too-many-to-count more.

before                                                 after

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tift Green 2012

We have SO been looking forward to The People from Virginia coming down for some golf and family fun. It's been two years since E.W. and George played in the Tift Green. Minutes after George and Sue pulled into the driveway, the guys were off for a practice round.

happy brothers

We had plans of our own!

some Junebugs and an honorary

Later in the afternoon, the Berrymans rolled in, as did Dr. Dawg and his three girls.  Sa and Gramps got there in time to observe the confusion. 

are we the only ones who tailgate for golf?

Emma showed of her skills and her squeaky shoes.  Just two weeks until she's one!

big girl

Emma's not a fan of being around people she doesn't know, but she did great and before it was all over Aunt Sue was holding her.

never far from a familiar face

Ellie, on the other hand, is a social butterfly.  She was very happy to see Uncle Jay and Auntie Kate.

notice that her feet are off the ground;
she was to excited to just walk

Auntie Kate was pretty happy to see her Ellie bean, too.

lap full of sugar

Not sure what they are doing here, but it looks like they are up to something.


girl talk

No doubt Sa is giving E.W. valuable advice for the next day's round. Ha.

Sa and E.W.

Saturday morning, the girls decked out for a brunch, followed by a few stops to do some antiquing while the guys were doing wonders on the links.

Kate and Pendy 

Dena, George Jr, George Sr., Sue

As we were having brunch on the patio, the view was lovely:

George on the driving range...

...and E.W. on the putting green.

All the guys played well Saturday (in the hunt), so we were hoping they'd continue the trend today.  

Jay and Erick

stopping for a chat with their fans 

Col. Grumpy and Uncle Cranky just blow on by.

When the dust settled, both of our teams had come in second in their respective flights, so WOO HOO!  We were proud!  Swag was involved. Awesome!

Jay and the driver he won

Teams from other flights were still on the course, so some of our bunch rode out to watch the competition.

Kate and M.M.

Angie and C.

Miss Scarlet enjoyed the chaos of the weekend, especially as part of the gallery watching the golfers play through. Putter was a little tense, but it didn't stop him from snoozing under the azaleas and bringing out scads of dead leaves attached to his fur.  

obligatory cat photo
All in all, a VERY fine being with our family.  We're already looking forward to Tift Green 2013!
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