Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Jersey Boys and More

Some friends and I headed to SSI Thursday night for a girls' weekend. We spent Friday afternoon shopping at Jacksonville's Town Center, making sure to allow enough time for happy hour and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  We arrived at the Times Union Center well before showtime, pumped to see Jersey Boys. It did not disappoint!

before the show
Saturday morning we had a great day touring gorgeous homes on St. Simons and Sea busy we didn't have time for lunch (and that is NOT like us).  That omission called for an early supper at Blackwater Grille, which worked out great because we had time for a walk after (which made us feel better about the massive quantities of food we consumed throughout the weekend!).

on the tour
One more great meal later, we were making our way back home (after a short stop at a T.J.Maxx, ha).  Thanks, girls, for a great weekend.  Love the way we talk and figure life out!

Oh, and if you think E.W. was sad and alone...he wasn't!  He and Worth played in the member/guest AND he got to spend a little time with Emma and Ellie.  Here's a bit of a video evidence, via Worth:

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