Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Rewind: Little Girls and Big Girls

What a splendid weekend.  The weather was beautiful and best of all, we had two very special little girls at our house!  

The weekend was a whirlwind!
(I have no idea why this picture turned out all swirly,
but I kinda like it!)
We biked and strolled around the 'hood and spent some time at the Womack's 'playground' - sadly it was a school and work day so they weren't home to join in the fun.  After school, C came over from next door and was a huge help in the entertainment category!  Ellie was fascinated to  have a Big Girl playmate and Emma even warmed up to her, so it was all good.  Plus, I got to indulge in a favorite activity: baby in the sink.  Emma enjoyed it even more than I did!

Friday = Funday
Saturday morning Ellie went next door for a playdate with the Big Girls.  After lunch and nap, we all went for another bike/stroll/walk around the corner for some more 'playground' action...and this time got into the sand box.

Saturday Scenes
I think Ellie had a good time.  When her parents came to get her and I was explaining that C and MM (aka the Big Girls) were going back to their house, E.W. and I were staying at our house, and that she and Emma were going home, she asked me, "What am I going to do there?".  When I told her she was going to hang out with mama and daddy, she looked sort of puzzled.  I asked her if she wanted to stay here, she smiled and nodded yes.  I don't kid myself; I know she was anticipating more fun with C and MM!

Hey, don't forget.  I'm nine months old now!
We also celebrated Emma's nine month milestone Saturday.  So serious, too.  :)

Can't resist adding this nine seconds of video.  Apparently Emma was happy when Ellie got up from her nap; I think these two sisters already have a bond!

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