Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time for a Change

I've been on a mission to scan some of our photos from the pre-digital era (I hope to finish before they come up with new technology!).  In the process, I've come across some that show how our home looked in the past. This one of the mantel (and why is it spelled that way instead of 'mantle'?) from eleven years ago struck me because, frankly, it could have been taken very recently.

mantel 2001
(no idea what's up with the purple glow)

The 2012 version is missing a few items; I put the silver baby cups away a few months ago and I think that blue and white plate on the right ended up in pieces.  Seriously, I can't believe how little difference eleven years has made.  I don't know if it makes it better or worse that all of this comes off each year to make room for Christmas garland and stockings only to go right back on after the holidays.  I think worse!

mantel 2012

The day after I noticed my lack of changing-it-up, I read this post by Donna.  I knew I had plenty of junk and had just cleaned up the antique scale, so it was a sign!  I raised the tapestry a bit and started playing.

mantel 2012 junked, for now

Although unfinished, I'm liking what's up there so far.  Also?  I promise to change it before another eleven years go by and it's 2023 (is that right?  eleven years from now will be 2023?  yikes!).

Or is this better?  The scale went back to the front hall along with a few other tweaks.  See, I'm already making good on that promise to change it up before 2023!

the next day

Or this?  I added my foiled box and bronzed ballet shoes (they are vintage now!).

and the day after that

And now for a somewhat unrelated close-up.

my well-worn ballet shoes, which my mama had bronzed

couldn't resist pointing how just how much I loved
these as a child; see that hole?

Really.  I'm leaving the mantel alone for now and moving on to another project...

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