Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the Border

This border in the powder room was put up shortly after we moved to our home at the end of December, 1990.  I blame the lingering influence of the eighties for my bad taste.  The fact that it was still there when 2012 rolled in, well, I have no excuse!  

a border way beyond its expiration date

It gets worse.  I let someone else have a say in the original paint color but I'm pretty sure his choice of dusty rose can be blamed on the eighties, too!  At least I didn't let THAT linger; Monsoon by Sherwin Williams was a MUCH better look.  I still like the color and that's probably what let me ignore this border for decades.

buh bye border

Just in case you want the full effect of the dusty rose...

ready for the rose to wither

I knew that I needed to prime to cover any residual wallpaper paste and to make sure that pink didn't come shining through.  To be honest, I almost just painted the border area to match the moulding but I knew that would bother me, so....on to priming.

primer is NOT an exact science


By the way, this scaffold is one of my favorite things, ever.  It folds up and takes up about six inches of space and has made every project I've done since E.W. gave it to me so much easier.

from my Valentine!

Oh, the color is Wasabi, by Valspar.  It's quite green when compared to the former color but I doubt anyone will even notice that it's a different color.  Both are really such a neutral (I know it's hard to tell in a photograph, though; it's looking like a bright lime on my monitor!).

I love the moment when you are DONE painting and ready to get a room back together.  I am sad to tell you that it won't be happening here until a second coat is applied.  Boo.

Ugh.  Did NOT want to do a second coat.

Yeah.  That second coat is NOT going to happen tonight. 

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  1. Oh - that is just screaming the 1980s! Can't wait to see the full effect after your second coat.

    Oh, and so sorry about UGA. Tough loss.


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