Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding Recap: Thursday

Our headquarters for George, Jr. and Dena's wedding weekend was an awesome house on Sea Island (great job, George!) bedrooms, each with private bath...more living rooms than we could use, and a great pub room right off the enormous kitchen.  Most of us arrived on Thursday and immediately began bossing each other around.  Here are a few photos taken before we went out to dinner.  A clip of the action is at the end.  Apparently we all like to talk at the same time and as Joe pointed out, we are all experts!

Brothers - awesome!

Yeah, they started the whole thing...
so this is how they got to spend their 60th anniversary!

Cynthia and Maggie

Sister Sue gives them instructions!  

Scott hangin' with the guys.
Sad to say, the clip below was before we added four more adults, a toddler, and a baby to the mix.  Oh, and Sarah, Tim and Kinnick, almost one, were out of the room.  Just imagine the cacophony that we produced when nine more got in the mix.  Yikes.

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