Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ellie will be three on Monday; today we were invited to her pool princess party.  Her parents gave her a 'playground', which has been in the yard for about a week, and she is obsessed with it.  Among her gifts today: a princess set.  The tiara, earrings (clip-ons, ouch!), bracelets and feathered heels were worn during the entire party and who knew you could go down a slide wearing heels?  

Please note the photo in the lower left hand corner; looks like a teenage girl giving some boys the cold shoulder (she did tell E.W. she was thirteen - ha).  I think they were jealous that she was a princess and they were just boys!  She's already grown up so much since last year; can't wait to see what this next year brings.

some of the action at ellie's princess pool party
As soon as the dust settled, they added more pictures on their blog.

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