Friday, September 9, 2011

Long Ride, Ice Cream, and Three Men & a Baby

Emma shares her displeasure at being trapped in her carseat for five hours.  Auntie Kate commiserates.

Ellie helps Auntie Kate with the ice cream.

Keep churning!

Ellie takes a break to swing with E.W.  Meanwhile...

Emma is swaddled and winding down in her swing.

Out like a light.  So relaxed, in fact, that.....

she slid right on out...but is completely okay with it.

Three Men and a Baby - Jim, Worth, and Jay attempt to jailbreak "Go Baby" from her box.  Patsy should know that once released, this doll was well-loved by her new mommy (shown below, still waiting for three men to get baby out of the package!)

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