Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind: It's All About the Tailgate

After last Saturday's game against Boise, we figured that the tailgate for the Dawgs' home opener needed to be the highlight this weekend.  Who knew the Dawgs would almost win the game, despite the mistakes that cost us SO MANY POINTS?  Anyway, back to the tailgate.  E.W. and I are always happy when we can spend time with our kids and their families, so that automatically made it awesome.  Add in more family and friends, beautiful weather, and outstanding tailgate fare...what more could you want (other than a "W" at the end of it all)?

Mr. & Mrs. Berryman

Dr. & Mrs. Bowers

Oh, yeah, it was a happenin' place!

And for a live action shot, here are Ellie and Uncle Jay:

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