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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding Recap: Reception

Ellie shows her daddy the alligator.   Boo gator.  :)

Love her.

photo sesh

Now Maggie has to see the alligator.  

Sue and George

Tim and Worth share their expertise.

Through the window, we see that Dena and George
are on the deck for a few private moments.

Sarah and E.W. provide commentary.

Sorry, but Tim just cracks me up.

Kate and Sarah

Maggie gets a dance with her cuz...

...until little cuz Ellie cuts in...

...and snags the groom.

It's all good for Maggie, though.  She found a dance partner!

Girls just wanna have fun.

Auntie Kate winds her up.

Uncle Joe and Sa join in.

Think she's a little confused by
Uncle Joe's moves?

The newlyweds sail off...

...their departure lit by fireworks.
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs George Bowers.  We wish you a long and happy life together!

Wedding Recap: Saturday Mid Day

With a win by the Dawgs on the books, it was time for the first shift to leave for the church.  Scroll down to see how fabulous they looked!

Ellie's fascinated by Mia's necklace.

Emma.  So serious.

The MOG!  With a sippy cup!
Check out George back there...

The Groom, lookin' sharp!

Sa and George

walking into a new chapter

The FOG and MOG...

...aren't they gorgeous?

He's off!

Wedding Recap: Saturday Dawns

Big day...we had a wedding.  First things first, though...had to get in tailgate mode 'cause the Dawgs were playing.

Emma and Ellie wake up ready to roll!

Ellie and her bedhead love
Uncle Jay and his ipad.

Kinnick sports his trademark holy roller stance.

Emma does not miss a thing.

Kate sneaks upstairs...

...and finds George in HIS trademark stance.

father and son take in the game

Gramps and Tim are jealous of Kinnick's
tailgate style.

Ellie shares her princess book with 'Uncle George'
(easier to say than first cousin once removed George)

How presh is this face?

Apparently three is old enough to play the lottery!

E.W., Ellie, and the lion


Sue wrangles her grandson and great-niece

E.W. has big shoes to fill!


Auntie Kate holds Emma in HER trademark pose.

Sarah will never be too old to sit with her daddy.

Dawgs are on.

Please check out Emma's little face!
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