Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Emma's Name

She's a week old today...and here's a bit about her name.  Her daddy's given name is Emmett. He was named after his father, who had been named after've had three Emmett Wadsworth Bowers in a row. Probably enough, right? Except now, with a daughter, Worth and Ashley were able to change it up a bit. Emma's a lucky little girl to be the namesake of those three Emmetts; I have every confidence she'll make them proud.

Three Emmetts 12-26-90

My beloved grandmother's maiden name was Wright, so of course I am touched that Worth and Ashley chose it for her middle name. Sweet Emma...blessed with the love of family before she even knows it!
The Wright Family, January 1903
Carrie, Luther, and Kate (age 2)

Emilio Ernesto Cavaleri
Side note...I'm counting her name as a nod to my dad's family, too.  His great-grandfather, Emilio Ernesto Cavaleri, immigrated from Milan in 1853 at the age of thirty.
Rev. Emilio Ernesto Cavaleri

That immigrant's only child* was my paternal great-grandfather, Emilio Ernesto Cavaleri.  After an unorthodox childhood, he married Maggie Fairbanks with whom he had thirteen children.  He was a Methodist minister and retired in Birmingham.  What a coincidence that Emma was born there (especially if you skim his Life Story and see the number of places where he could have landed)! There are two more Emilios (my grandfather's brother and nephew) but now we're getting into another branch of the family tree (but how cool is it that they ARE Birmingham people, too?)! 

*link to information updated August 2012 

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