Sunday, April 24, 2011


Kate and Jay were here for Easter (and a few wedding planning sessions)!  After an amazing early service at FUMC, we headed west to have dinner and a visit with Sa, Gramps, George Jr., Dena, Joe, Cynthia, Scotty, and Maggie.  It was a lovely afternoon and required an equally lovely nap once we returned home.

Jay and Kate before church.

E.W.'s fired up.

George, Jr. subs in for George, Sr. 

Sa observes the madness

After several plates at Doublegate.

A sister and a niece.

One groom and two brides...

...the other groom is busy
getting steamrolled by Scott and Maggie.

Maggie makes her escape.

Gramps just enjoys it all.

As far as the B'ham crowd goes, the Easter bunny did not bring Ellie her baby sister, but surely he was too busy for that today!

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