Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mama's Mama

I never knew my maternal grandmother, Susan Inez Shaw Minick (although my cousin and I do share her name).  My own mother barely knew her; she was three when my grandmother passed away in 1928, seven weeks after giving birth to her tenth child.  I have some reminders of her though (including a lock of her hair!), and think of her quite often.  
Susie Inez Shaw Minick           Olin Watson Minick
I've been told that this was her dough bowl, in which she made biscuits for her large family on a daily basis.  Notice the copper patch; apparently my grandfather made the repair when the wood became worn.  Imagine making so many biscuits that you wear a hole through wood!
copper patch in dough bowl
If the patch weren't proof enough of this dough bowl's overuse, examine the texture of the wood.
dough bowl close-up
I've used this bowl on my table and to hold fruit on the counter, but I think it deserves a rest, don't you?  For now, it's in a quiet corner of the kitchen, gleaming softly, and serving as a reminder of hard work.
kitchen corner
Click HERE if you'd like to see more dough bowls and where they're from and how they're being used.


  1. What an interesting post! I've never seen a dough bowl before. Thanks for sharing your family history with us!

  2. Even with ten children to make biscuits for, I doubt that she wore it out. More likely it was inherited from her Mother or Grandmother and was patched for sentimental reasons. That might make it even more valuable to you.

  3. This was absolutely lovely to read about. How fascinating and I love that u are commemorating her by hanging it on the wall. Beautiful.


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