Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flashback: Meant to Be

So...GA/FL weekend, 2005.  Jennifer and Kate were staying at cousin George's place on the island.  Naturally they had to be where the action was, in the Village at Brogen's.  They were not the only ones; check out the guy laughing on the left of the picture.  
Jennifer, George, and Kate
also Jay, laughing over there in the background!
Kate was going through some photos today and noticed him in the background.  It's further proof that she and Jay crossed paths for years before they actually met (she's on the sidelines cheering in his football senior highlight video and he actually lived here during her last two years of high school)!  Thankfully, Kate also met Rose (one of my ADPi sisters) that weekend.  Rose eventually met Jay (in Alabama - crazy, right?) and told him she knew the perfect girl for him when he got back to Athens.  Turns out she was right.

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