Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We so enjoyed being with the B'ham crowd for Thanksgiving!  Rounding out the day was time with the Summers.  We certainly had no idea that one day we'd have three generations of Bowers and three generations of Summers together...and THAT is something for which we are thankful!
E.W. and Ellie when we arrived Wednesday.

Me: Ellie, where are you going?
Ellie: to church.

B'ham Fam

Worth fries the turkey...

...while Ellie gives E.W. a workout.

front yard play time

Worth carves the turkey; Ashley supervises.

That face!

Ellie explains; Jake is skeptical.


Childhood friends and their babies.

Walker, Ellie, and Jake

Friday morning - Mia and E.W. off to the Classic City.

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