Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

While Ashley was in D.C. for class, Worth and Ellie came to T-town.  There was golf for some and playing with grandmothers for others (!) and football for everyone.  Although the Dawgs were a miserable fail (despite the efforts of Kate, Jay, Wayne, and Kelli), we did have fun with family and friends.

"I tractor."

Scolding Putter

But can we get this thing started?

Ellie supervises the tailgate set-up.

I'm good; y'all do what you want to do.

Grandma and Papa stop by for a snuggle.

Dawg Fans and a Gator Infiltrator

talking to mama

Getting the paper with E.W.

Listening to E.W.'s headset

Ready to go see Mama!
I must say,'s very quiet around here this afternoon.

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  1. Way cute pictures!! Cute family!! I'm a new reader, love your blog!


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