Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ellie turned two and her mama and daddy threw a party that included all the grandparents, lots of toddlers, and Sponge Bob! She's a big fan of the bouncy house but was lured inside with the promise of gifts and cake. As advanced as she is (I note this as an impartial observation - ha!), I'm pretty sure she couldn't read a word on any of her cards. That did not stop her from carefully studying each one before opening the gift - hilarious. It was a wonderful afternoon and we were thankful to be there for her big day. Happy Birthday, Ellie Bean!

For more on the celebration, you can go HERE and HERE...and if you want to see how much she's grown since last year, see THIS.

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  1. Those pics are so sweet. Love the one of her wiped out on EW at the end!


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